These are some of the projects that I have had a hand in developing.


Tarjimly is an early-stage non-profit organization that is helping to connect refugees and aid workers in real-time with crowdsourced translators. We were fortunate to be part of YCombinator’s Winter 2018 batch, and now working to expand our translation services to millions of refugees who need critical translation help.


Tarteel is an open-source project designed to help build digital tools to analyze the recitation of the Quran. Given the important place of reciting the Quran in the lives of Muslims, it is important to build software tools that can help ordinary Muslims recite the Quran with greater accuracy and appreciation. The first goal of Tarteel is to build the world’s first public dataset of crowdsourced Quran recitions, that consists of recitations that are representative of the Muslim population – from both women and men, and from all ages and ethnicities.


Masjidtime was a nationwide initiative that began at Harvard, MIT, and UCLA to create sustainable digital funding to non-profit organizations (primarily mosques) across United States. The initiative helped organizations manage their financial sustainability, connect with the community, and increase donations. At its peak, Masjidtime worked with over 20 organizations.